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 HEFA Presentation

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Date d'inscription : 2016-02-20

PostSubject: HEFA Presentation   Sun 21 Feb - 19:42

The HEFA Executive Committee is HEFA’s supreme executive body. It comprises the HEFA and 2 other members elected by a HEFA congress. Moreover, upon proposal of the Habbo Football Committee, the HEFA Executive Committee appoints a French HF player and a Norwegian HF player as additional members with the same rights and duties as the other HEFA Executive Committee members.

After it happened a little break between HEFA and Norwegian HF president Payam in 2012, now we are finally back with new Norwegian HF president called Simplex. We hope we will do it better this year. We have three leaders, Cryotes, Depay and Simplex. We also have backups called: Wassil and Bendtner.

Our real objective is to make HF revive. We want this sport back at the first plan before Habbo Soccer. It's an long-term objtective which require motivation from every player of HF.
HEFA is at this moment composed of four country : Norway, Sweden, France and Denmark. But we're working with .nl and .de to make HF revive in this hotel.

In this website you can found everything you need : roster of all teams in association with HEFA, the events organized by HEFA and the rules. You can also discusse with other player of every country when you want.

Now WELCOME to the official HEFA website cheers
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HEFA Presentation
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